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10 Reason Why You'll Love Toe Socks

  1. Always a conversation starter!

  2. Prevent your socks from being balled up at the bottom of your shoes.

  3. Allow your toes the liberty of a glove instead of the constraint of a mitten, you'll be amazed at the difference.

  4. Great with Sandals or Flip Flops

  5. No more sweaty TOES!  No more Smell!  Great for athletes foot.


  7. Diabetics find toe socks therapeutic.

  8. Perfect for active lifestyles!

  9. Prevent blisters between the Toes.

  10. People who can't stand their toes to touch are lifetime customers. 

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Athletes Are Using Toe Socks More Than Ever Before

   We hear about athletes using Toe Socks for all kinds of crazy things.  But when you stop and thing about it, it makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons. 

   Take the difference between a glove and a mitten as an example.  Have you ever tried to used your fingers to do something with mittens on?  Like tie your shoes, play ball, or work in the yard?  Mittens restrict the movement of your fingers to function when you need precision.  

Tozzok Kicks Athletes Foot in the Butt

   There are benefits of mittens...they can keep you warmer because you naked fingers get to touch.  However, this can have some unpleasant effects when your toes are warm.  It is a know fact that you lose a lot moisture thru-out the day from your feet.   Add heat and some bacteria and now you have your own grunge garden growing down about nasty!

   Toe socks help fight the toe jam grunge as each toe is protected by the material of the sock, which wicks the moisture away and stops the grunge cold!.

Say Good-Bye To Toe Blisters

   As long as we are on the benefits of each toe being wrapped...many endurance athletes report significant reductions in the number of blisters they get from cramped toes in the toe box of the shoe.  Consider this; you get blisters between your toes because your toes move when you take a step.  They move to help you balance, propel you forward, and steer you in the direction you want to go...They have a big job!  When they heat up and become moist, friction is created, and bam, the next thing you know, you've got a blister. 

Increase Agility

   Not only do Toe Socks help regulate moisture and temperature, they help or better said, allow the toes to move how they were meant to move, giving you much better steering.  What happens if the steering in your car is off just a little over time?  You got it, you start to see performance problems, like burn a holes in your tires.  Athletes involved in sports where them rely on quick funky moves, like tennis, football, and combative sports all report an increase in balance and agility.

Diabetics Love'em

   Are Toe socks just for kids and athletes?  No there are a lot of great benefits.  Many Diabetics buy our toe socks reporting that it makes their cold and sluggish feet feel better.  Folks with other foot problems like corns buy a lot of Tozzok from us as well stating it helps to relieve some of the pressure they feel when they put shoes on.

   Cowboys & Bull Riders Love Them

   Have you ever had a pair of boots on and after a while noticed that your socks had worked their way down past your heal, bunching up at the front of your boots.  That happens when your toes move and flex as you walk, basically slowly pulling or walking your sock off your foot.  This never happens with Toe Socks...and that is why we sell so many Tozzok to people who wear boots, especially cowboys!

Tozzoks Are Totally Cool

   The first time you put on a pair of Toe Sock, your first impression will be, "Whoa, these things are really weird"!  Give them a chance, you won't be able to take you mind off them for the first 15 minutes but the initial feel quickly turns into, "Wow These feel great!"  A lot of people have commented to me about how they will actually look forward to putting them on after they've had a regular pair on. 

The Perfect Sandals Socks -- Tozzoks

   If you're a sandal lover then you'll love Toe Socks with you sandals.  You'll still get the freedom you get from going barefoot but when its a little cooler outside the sock ads the right amount of warmth.  Lots of people tell us they get home from work and throw a pair on to wear around the house.  Try wearing them with flip-flops to run to the store!

The Tozzok Story

   Tozzok started in 1993 as the only company offering Toe Socks that weren't for kids or clowns!  The merits of the sock's benefits for active sports were discovered by the Founder, Joshua Hoopes as he pursued adventure sports.  Extensive travel in Asia exposed him to the sock developed by the ancient Samurai.  He had a special adult, athletic sock make and start selling them to friends that saw his socks and want to try them.  He started to promote them idea to big companies and going to shows eventually establishing a toe hold in the hard to crack sock business.

   Since that time there have been a number of businesses play off that idea and some with corporate backing have made a good business selling this idea and charging almost $20 a pair plus shipping. 

   Tozzok still charges a un heard of, flat, $8.00 a pair which includes shipping.  Begin your toe sock adventure today!  We guarantee you'll be glad you did.

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