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GET A GRIP!   5-Toe Socks

Tozzok News & History

Tozzok International, a Utah-based footwear company, announced  the retail availability of a new five-toe sock slated to be the latest companion for sandals, thongs and sportswear, as well as a practical remedy for common foot problems.

The fashionable sock, which is quickly being adopted by Birkenstock and Teva sandal wearers, sports a glove-like fit and a distinctive wrap for each toe, offering consumers a greater sense of freedom and individuality.

Joshua Hoopes, founder of Tozzok, says fitness buffs, adventurists, sport enthusiasts and the fashion oriented are eager to adopt the product because of its ability to enhance athletic performance and/or make an appealing fashion statement. In addition, the new five-toe socks:

  • Offer a sense of total body awareness: A growing number of sandal wearers are taking to this new sock and its ability to accentuate ones feet and toes while keeping the comfort of a sock.

  • Increase motor control: Much like a glove that increases the ability to grip and maneuver objects, the five-toe sock enhances control and agility.

  • Minimize blisters: Moist skin and friction in footwear often cause blisters. Tozzok’s socks prevent toes from rubbing together, which is a leading cause of foot problems.

  • Reduce athlete’s foot and fight foot odors: Tozzok’s new five-toe sock, made from cotton and synthetic fibers, absorbs the moisture between toes, thereby preventing an unhealthy foot environment and fighting odors.

"The response to this product has been amazing," says Hoopes. "People really enjoy the definitive nature of these socks as much as the health benefits the product has to offer."

* Special thanks to Dr. Clide Shreve, Podiatrist of Ogden, for contributing this information

Tozzok International started in 1993 when we were looking for a better sock, a product that cut down on blisters and foot fungus.  The  founders were marathon runners, mountain bikers, climbers, and backcountry adventurists looking for an answer to common foot problems that have plagued athletes and adventurists for years. 

Travels to the Orient led us to what we believed to be a solution to our feet's problems.  Our team discovered we were not the first to be concerned with matters of the foot.  The concept behind Tozzok was developed by the ancient Samurai seeking the ultimate sock that would allow the Samurai warrior to have the greatest agility, speed and control needed by these ancient athletes.  The architecture of Tozzok also protects the  foot from moisture that active feet create.   Based on the discipline and character of the ancient Samurai, Tozzok International has combined modern technology with time tested style to create Tozzok, the world's most unique sock.  What started as a functional product soon turned into a trend. Friends and acquaintances all wanted to know how to get a pair of Tozzok.  People were wearing them in their Birkenstocks and Teva sandals and became the center of conversation.   Tozzok offers a unique view of the toes, and are subject to compliments and second looks from strangers.

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